The mechanism

The high quality and the refined design of the mechanism of Bulgheroni musical instruments are obtained thanks to the use of the best materials, which are modelled with the precision of the latest technology and the most advanced tools.

Meticulous care for the smallest details is in the hands of the workmanship of skilled craftsmen who guarantee precise assembly for each individual instrument and the perfect fusion with the body in wood.

Each single key is first designed on the computer and then inserted virtually in the mechanism to check the functionality and the design. Finally, the key mould is accurately created by means of computerised machines.

The next process, microfusion, is what the Bulgheroni firm takes greatest pride in: it enables the continuous search for increasingly lighter and more resistent alloys with the collaboration of the suppliers of raw materials.

The qualified technicians have also elaborated an exclusive thermal treatment on the stainless steel of the springs so as to obtain a softer, more responsive and comfortable action of the mechanism.

The careful padding is fundamental in order to reduce as far as possible any necessary adjustments of the instrument after the purchase.

All Bulgheroni musical instruments are meticulously tested and adjusted by professionals before delivery.

F.lli Bulgheroni’s main objective is to meet all the different needs that every client has and this is possible thanks to the elasticity, precison and versatility of the production methods followed.

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