In 1947 Luigi Bulgheroni finally realized his lifelong dream and set up his own business in the manufacture of wood and brass musical instruments.

A dream which began when he was a child, when his father, a respected forger-master, supported the propensities of his son Luigi, guiding him towards the study of music and the world surrounding it.

This is how his deep passion for wind instruments was born and also the desire to be able one day to mark the history of music with his own work.

Confident of handing down not only a business, but also his long experience and a unique art, Luigi succeeded in passing on his enthusiasm and passion to his sons, Giacomo and Sergio, who, in 1974, set up the firm F.lli Bulgheroni S.n.c., which has specialized in the production of double reed instruments, Oboe, Oboe d'Amore, English Horn and of the Piccolo since 1985.

Our passion for music, hard work and dedication and the belief that simple pieces of wood can be transformed into true works of art,inspire us to carry out further research and improvements,because...."care and attention to the smallest detail make all the difference".

In this context of innovation and with further development in mind,in 2017, Giacomo and his sons Fabrizio and Massimilano, decide to build a new production site keeping it in Parè (Colverde) in order to respect their own roots and continue the long tradition of exporting MADE IN ITALY worldwide.

The new company premises have been projected in complete respect of the environment. The building is equipped with a solar power system which meets energy needs and a purifier for the reuse of the water consumed in the productive cycle. The air-conditioning and the natural lighting system of the premises have been conceived with a view to creating a work environment which is stimulating and inspiring for our employees, whom we have seen grow over the years, not only professionally but most of all individually.

In 2018, on the occasion of a concert organized by "Bulgheroni" to celebrate the inauguration of the new site, Giacomo Bulgheroni received the award of "MERITORIOUS AND HONORARY CITIZENSHIP" from the Town Council of Colverde for "the sixty five years devoted to the world of music and to the manufacturing of musical instruments,veritable pieces of jewellery, which represent an Italian excellence in the world".

The working process of Bulgheroni musical instruments is still essentially artisan, despite the use of state of the art machinery and of advanced technology. Everything, from each single component of the instrument to the various manufacturing processes, is carried out exclusively in our laboratory. This ensures meticulous care and constant checks on the product both in the initial and in the final stages of the process and guarantees instruments of the highest quality accompanied by elegant design and innovative solutions.

The manufacturing process of Bulgheroni musical instruments is a long and complex procedure and involves basically four steps:

  • the seasoning of the wood,which can vary from 5 to 15 years. This is a delicate phase because it enriches the raw material with essential qualities such as compactness, stability and sonority. The wood we use comes with a certificate of controlled origin as a guarantee to protect the environment
  • the working of the wooden body through the precision of the numerical control machines and the manual care in the finishing phase
  • the preparation of the mechanism : the keys of the instrument are forged thanks to the latest generation of technology and are then finished during the various welding, sanding and cleaning processes carried out by expertly skilled hands
  • the final assembly, the most delicate phase: the mechanisms must move with clock-like precision and the cork and leather pads must hermetically seal all the holes in the wood

"Bulgheroni" products are undoubtedly the result of ongoing technological renewal, but without the presence of skilled artisans it would be impossible to transform a precious piece of wood into a unique musical instrument. And that's exactly where the strength of the Bulgheroni company lies:in the hands of these true artists. The high degree of manual dexterity of these artisans can never be replaced by the schematic mass production of a machine. These skills are acquired only after years of experience and our employees receive their training entirely inside the company.

Of paramount importance is the close collaboration we have with musicians.They are an incentive towards a continuous search for solutions which can enable each musician to enhance their potential and Bulgheroni's musical instruments to excel for their pliability

. Some of Bulgheroni instruments are identified with evocative names that reflect the spirit of their origin:

OPERA evokes not only the musical art form of theatre originated in Italy, but also the idea of a true work of art,comparable to the pure beauty of nature. MUSA takes us back to our Greek origins and becomes a source of inspiration for the musician. With SETA, Bulgheroni wished to pay homage to Como and celebrate its fifty years of entrepreneurial business.

The craft of musical instrument makers is rewarded with the gratification of giving wood a new life, a new soul, so that it can create THE VOICE OF MUSIC, the universal voice of communication through emotions.

F.lli Bulgheroni s.r.l.

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