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Bulgheroni Wooden flute Bulgheroni Wooden flute
  • Presentation
    Some time ago, we had an ambitious, long-cherished wish; now this wish has come true and we are greatly proud to finally showcase our wooden flute, a wonder of handcrafted beauty. Its creation is a product of time, study, creativity and talented ingenuity as well as our all- absorbing passion.

    The BULGHERONI WOODEN FLUTE is made with the same care and meticulousness as all the other Bulgheroni musical instruments : the highest quality wood and precise mechanism.

    If we were to be inspired by Greek mythology, we could say that wood lends the instrument a voice similar to the song of Orpheus,which had the gift of enchanting even the fiercest of beasts; or even the fact that its mechanism renders every performance so effortless that Athens would not have been afraid to sully her beauty.

    But let’s leave all this to mythology.

    What we guarantee to all musicians, but not only, is our longstanding distinctive characteristic : our seriousness and our professionalism. Any description would be superfluous because the BULGHERONI WOODEN FLUTE speaks the same universal and eternal language of music. In other words, the flute must simply be played.
  • Technical characteristics
    Body: Grenadilla wood

    Keys: sterling silver

    Split E mechanism

    French (open hole)

    Foot: in C, in B

    G keys: L in Line, O offset
    FY/601: keys crafted from silver-gold alloy and 18K gold plated
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