OBOE FB - 091

Standard Oboe

Bulgheroni Oboe FB - 091 Bulgheroni Oboe FB - 091
  • Presentation
    Even young children can feel like true artists because F.lli Bulgheroni devotes a great deal of meticulous care in the creation of their student''s model Oboe, suitable for those who are taking their first steps into the world of music.
    Made with the same materials as the professional models, it has been specially studied to produce an easy, immediate
    and well-defined emission of sound.
    Experience teaches that using a quality instrument right from the start guarantees success in the future.
  • Technical characteristics
    Body: Grenadilla wood
    Keys: nickel silver, thickly-layered silver plated

    Semi-automatic octaves key
    Double G# key
    Left hand F key
    Fork F resonance key
    Low Bflat resonance key
    / 3: with third octave key
    / FA: full-automatic octaves key
    / TP: thumb plate

    TF: A-G with finger-holes
    ART: articulated C# - B
    RK: D with ring key
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